About Us

A couple years ago, I realized as much as I loved traveling with a framed wheeled upright it had one major drawback. It was a hassle to store.

After coming home from an extended trip, I unpacked my clothes and left my upright in the corner of the bedroom since two days later I was scheduled for another trip. My wife was not keen about having luggage take up space in our bedroom. So I dragged the bag up to the attic where we waste an enormous amount of space on luggage. Two days later I was dragging the upright back down from the attic.

This was insane! A light bulb switched on in my head.

Create beautifully designed structured luggage that quickly and easily collapses to slip under a bed, hang in the closet, or stack on a shelf! In other words, store your luggage efficiently, close to where you pack. I shared the idea with some friends living in New York, San Francisco, Tokyo, and Shanghai. They had sacrificed space for the privilege of living in great cities. They went nuts over the idea!

I successfully pitched the concept to Trunk & Trolley LLC. They embraced the idea wholeheartedly. We envisioned a collapsing system that was simple, fast, and intuitive. Using 3D Cad programs, rapid prototyping, and an innovative luggage factory, we made it happen. We created the brand Road Warrior ™, luggage geared to the professional traveler. We named the patent pending collapsing feature Micro Pop ™ . Every style and every size, even the mammoth 30” uprights and wheeled duffels collapse quickly and simply to under 6” in depth, without sacrificing durability and functionality.

To collapse, simply open the bag and pull the molded red “ripcords”. It drops instantly. With one quick pull from the outside handles, it automatically locks back into the extended position. Even collapsed, the product is clean in appearance. The sides and handles smartly fold inward.

Now I ask you, why would anyone buy structured luggage that does not collapse to store simply and efficiently?

Mark Nordstrom
Product Designer & Road Warrior